Experienced UI/Visual Designer

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Experienced UI/Visual Designer

We’re looking for an Experienced Digital Visual Designer. One that knows how to make design decisions. Knows how to work with Product Owners and Stakeholders within a digital team. Likes to talk about design and UX and loves to take these products
(and the process) to the next level.


Making millions of users fall in love with your digital products? We love a challenge!

Whether it is about experimenting with the next voice interface for your home, designing a digital brand identity for a new service or unlocking a vast database of movies to all your devices. As long as it makes end users happy, offers us a real challenge and creates an impact in the market, we’re up for it. Bring it on.

In order to meet these challenges, we need people who want to face them with us. And that’s where you come in.

To start with, we have a really nice and challenging project with one of our largest clients waiting for you. 

About you?

You are an experienced UI/Visual designer with real world, digital design team experience. You like the design process (and improving it) just about as much as you like digital design perfection. You love to present your work and know how to tell its story, while at the same time you’re open to great suggestions.

Digital design has little secrets for you, but you are never afraid to learn new things and to teach others. You have a systematical approach to your craft and know how to work in Agile/Scrum teams.

You are an initiator and a team player who loves to help a design team create great work and sees possible pitfalls as challenges ready to be tackled. 

Preferably you live in The Netherlands with an easy commute to Amsterdam or greater Amsterdam area. Speaking Dutch is not a specific requirement if your English is great, but it does help to work in a wide variety of projects. 

Hike who?

We are Hike One. Founded by true designers some 11 years ago, we are probably the largest design focussed agency in the Netherlands. With 65+ people of whom 50 are designers, we literally put design first. We love to make technology work for people and we love to make it as simple as possible. We work for some truly great clients like Marktplaats, Signify, Liberty Global Heineken and Rituals.

We are a self managing organisation that uses Holacracy™. This means that we like our people to take action and improve our organisation, without the burden of management layers. This leaves a lot of room for your own initiatives and ideas, but it also requires some flexibility and a different outlook on what a career path looks like.

Our culture

We are a design aficionados, we are strategy devotees and we are a creative bunch. We believe that work and life go hand in hand, that everyone at Hike One is intrinsically motivated to get the best out of themselves and the company. We believe that working together and giving each other feedback makes both people and projects grow.

At the same time, we love to relax from time to time and focus on other things than work. So we have drinks, host meetups and design breakfasts. We have an awesome yearly ‘Hike One weekendje weg’ were we celebrate our successes and enjoy some quality time together. So joining Hike One is more than your average design job…

You’ve convinced me! What do I do now?

Go ahead and apply! You probably know how! 

Should you want to read more about our team, our portfolio or our way of working, then look up our website.