Graduate internship (starting Jan 2020)

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Graduate internship (starting Jan 2020)


Who you are!

You are one badass of a designer of course, why else would you be reading this description on this application page. You seize the moment and enjoy looking complex problems right in the face without flinching. You show a strong passion for digital product design and have a number of beautiful and thoughtful projects to show for it. You have dozens of ideas bouncing around in your head that you are dying to figure with your design prowess. Above all else you are an easy-going structured individual who realizes the benefits of a healthy work life balance, and enjoyed a fun, yet competitive, game of table soccer.

Sounding familiar? Great! Let's get to business.

Why graduate at Hike One

We are Hike One, one of the finest teams of digital product designers in The Netherlands. Maybe you've ran into us before without knowing it. Our team consists of over 50 designers, spread between our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. We design digital services that not only look awesome but work extremely smooth as well.

We call ourselves designers. Yet we see ourselves as so much more. We come from all walks of life, we are engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, illustrators, musicians, thrill-seekers and above all else friends. We believe in doing what you love, always finding a way, getting things done, and most importantly being open and honest to ourselves and with one another.

A graduation project at Hike One gives you the opportunity to tackle a complex design problem that you are passionate about. You shouldn't worry, this isn't one of those "your on your own island" kind of projects. As a graduate intern you will have unfettered access to the minds and skills our 50+ digital product designers. We are here to support you in your endeavors in any way we possibly can. From creative sessions, spirited coffee discussions, insights and constructive critiques of your work along the way, we are there for you and your project. Next to this we provide you with vibrant workspace at our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. Of course there is always a lunch provided with your future colleagues, because no great design work is done on an empty belly.

Please note: We will be reviewing all applications towards the end of May - so expect an answer from us around that time.

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