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Graduate Interns (UX/UI) 

Full-Time | Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Eindhoven

About You

You are one badass of a designer of course, why else would you be reading this description on this application page. You seize the moment and enjoy looking complex problems right in the face without flinching. You show a strong passion for digital product design and not just a willingness but more an appetite to learn new things. You have dozens of ideas bouncing around in your head that you are dying to figure with your design prowess. Above all you are an easy-going structured individual who realizes the benefits of a healthy work life balance, and enjoyed a fun, yet competitive, game of table soccer.

Sounding familiar? Great! Let's get to business.

About the Job

A graduation project at Hike One gives you the opportunity to tackle a complex design problem that you are passionate about. This means that you are the project lead and owner of the process. You are responsible for coming up with your own subject and problem that together we explore what the right stakeholders are needed to complete your assignment. 

You shouldn't worry, this isn't one of those "you're on your own island" kind of projects. As a graduate intern you will have unfettered access to the minds and skills our 50+ digital product designers. We are here to support you in your endeavours in any way we possibly can. From creative sessions, spirited coffee discussions, insights and constructive critiques of your work along the way, we are there for you and your project. 


  • You are able to lead your own project and set up a project plan that gets you across the finish line.
  • You are exceptional at keeping everyone in the loop through clear and decisive communication between Hike One, School, and all necessary stakeholders.
  • You embrace ambiguity and approach your graduation topic with an open and creative mindset.
  • You are proactive in bringing people in on your process and asking for help when you need it. Being on your own island is a hard no for you!
  • You have a passion for digital product design, Duh!
  • You commit to being on site at our office at least a day per week.
  • That you graduate with a kick ass project that sends you own your way to becoming a professional designer.

* Please note: we are looking for people living and in the Netherlands, able to travel to our clients and work from one of our offices.

About Hike One

We are Hike One, one of the finest teams of digital product designers in The Netherlands. Maybe you’ve ran into us before without knowing it. We worked on Rituals, Marktplaats, Signify, Squla, and more. Our team consists of over 50+ designers, currently spread between our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. We design digital services that not only look awesome but work extremely smooth as well.

Meet your Team

We call ourselves designers. Yet we see ourselves as so much more. We come from all walks of life, we are engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, illustrators, musicians, thrill-seekers and above all else friends. We believe in the following;

  1. 🧠 Being a creative problem solver: A Hiker doesn’t accept how things are given and seeks to constantly pioneer new manners of approaching work, creativity and life in general.

  2. ⛰️ Being open to challenges and seeking them out: A Hiker is comfortable with not knowing what to do or how to do it.

  3. 🏎️ Being a ferrari (Tesla): A Hiker thinks in opportunities and possibilities rather than problems and excuses.

  4. 🤓 Being a nerd: ​​To bluntly put it, Hike One is a gathering of enthusiastic and passionate nerds. 

  5. ✊ Being all about the team: Nothing is great or worth sharing is done alone, it’s all about helping one another grow and celebrating successes together!

Our hiring process

Apply - You send in your application and we promise you will hear back from us within two weeks😎.

Interview - Here we focus on diving into your work and mindset as a designer.

Offer - You have stunned us and we make you an offer that we hope you can't refuse.

Accepting Offer / Party Time! - We want you and you want us and that is cause for a celebration!

Below are some of the few kickass creatives that you could get to work with everyday!

Roderick Trompert

Teambuilder RTM / Design Lead

Caya Kempe

Teambuilder AMS / Academy Lead

Lars Hulst

UI Designer

Daisy Hofstede

UX Designer / Internship Overseer

Marco Geerarts

Teambuilder EHV / Design Lead

Sandhya Hartlief

Operations Lead

Jimmy Rodenburg

UI Designer

Ileana Diaz Couder Breceda

UX Designer

Roy Veldkamp

UI Designer

Sophie Crull

Teambuilder RTM / Design Lead

Nazli Yilmaz

UX Designer

Laura  van Wijk

UI Designer

Lodovico Marchesini

UX Designer / Internship Overseer

Sigrid van Roosmalen

Project Manager

Bas van Wuijckhuijse

UX Designer

Niki Jongman

Project Manager

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