Graduation Assignment: A better patient experience

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Graduation Assignment: A better patient experience

In what significant way can the latest technologies in AR and MR improve the information, communication and experience for a cancer patient?



In today's medical science, many diseases can be treated or even cured. The most complex situations today have a treatment and science has an answer almost everywhere. In many cases there are even different choices to make in treatments. Unfortunately, the costs have also increased and at the same time there are considerable cutbacks in healthcare. As a result, the treated patients do not always receive the attention they need. This leads to patients who feel they don’t have enough information to make a well-considered choice, or patients who do not even understand the information. Ignorance and lack of explanation and attention is a common problem for many patients. And because of hesitation, time pressure and the feeling of being 'a burden', some patients do not dare ask for extra explanations. This could result in patients having an extra negative experience and could even result in less effective treatments.


With the Internet of things, big data, mobile tracking, connected services, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and deep learning, advanced technology has risen to be combined and put to use for new and better user journeys. In alignment with new hardware solutions, many tools can be used to bridge the gaps between science and the patients.

Designing solutions starting with a technology push is often not the best way to go. Nevertheless we believe that AR and MR technologies can help solve some of the described problems. Therefore, the hololens should be part of the solution in this case. A Hololens is available for this project.


We are looking for a (DFI) student who is interested in the constant development of new technologies. Someone who is eager to research how these new tools and technologies can help the AVL (Antoni van Leeuwenhoek) patients feel well informed and comfortable with their own decision, while having a positive experience during their treatment at the hospital. Important for the graduate is to truly understand the user journeys of the patients, doctors and treating staff to be able to create relevant solutions for all of them. 

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The Netherlands Cancer Institute was established on October 10, 1913. The founders, Rotgans, professor of Surgery, De Bussy, publisher, and De Vries, professor of Pathology, wanted to create a cancer institute 'where patients suffering from malignant growths could be treated adequately and where cancer and related diseases could be studied'. Nowadays, The Netherlands Cancer Institute accommodates approximately 650 scientists and scientific support personnel.